Tips for moving house with small children

Moving with kids

Moving house with kids can make the task more difficult.

Moving house is stressful for anyone of any age, but shifting with small children presents unique challenges.

Elizabeth Yates, director of Moving House Services,  says recognising that moving can be unsettling and confusing for a toddler is the first step.

Including kids in the moving process and making plans for them on the big day can also help avoid tantrums, she says.

Yates shares her top tips for moving house with toddlers.

Talk about the move with your kids

“Try to keep their daily routine as normal as possible throughout the whole process.

“Talk to them about the move. Be relaxed and make it a positive, fun conversation,”  Yates says.

Visiting the new house is a great idea.

“If possible, take them to visit and try to ensure it’s a happy experience.”

Reading stories about moving house before the big day is also a good idea.

Yates recommends Moving House by Anne Civardi and Stephen Cartwright, which introduces young children to the unfamiliar situation in an amusing and friendly way.

Let the kids help you pack

“When packing up, have your little movers help. Let them pack and unpack their favourite toys into moving boxes, but be sure to keep aside their night time sleep toys.

“Give them special tasks and responsibilities. Make it a special occasion. Praise their help,” she says.

moving with kids

With a little planning, moving house with kids can be a lot easier.

Keep some boxes, unsealed at the top, for playing with.

“Small children love to play with cartons,” Yates says.

What to do on the day

Plan for family or friends to care for little ones on the actual moving day.

“Most importantly, keep them away from the movers, as small children can be difficult to see when moving large items.”

“Make sure you have all their important needs close at hand, things like snacks, nappies, bottles, some clothing and nightwear and of course, toys that share the bed,” Yates says.

This will help smooth the transition.

Try to have their bedroom unpacked, set up and looking familiar before they arrive at the new home, Yates says. If using a professional unpacking service like, ensure they prioritise the toddler’s room.

“That way, the new bedroom will be instantly familiar to your child.

“Pack a special box of your toddler’s favourite things, tag it and have it easily recognisable for a fast unpack,” she says.

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