Tiniworld : 5 reasons Tiniworld Cantavil may not be a great hit

Being a working mother of 3, I cherish those weekends where the diary is clear. No errands or appointments in my way, a clear Saturday and Sunday ahead. I love being able to hang out with my three kids in the backyard, boat watching and feeding the neighbour’s geese… Just perfect…

Well, at least that’s my idea of “the perfect weekend”!


For my eight, four and two year olds, they like to get out and about. The very slight utter of “shall we go to Tiniworld today?” gets them roaring round the house, exclaiming with joy that I’m the ultimate, world’s best mum!

Whilst the kids love it, I would not be surprised to hear some parents loathe it. Seeing as there is a limited number of things to do with children in HCMC, Tiniworld is one venture that most parents will find themselves heading to at some point or another. However, on my last outing there, I recognised just why it may not be the big hit that it should be within the expat community. Here is why:

1. Everything is in Vietnamese. There is a fantastic cooking class for kids, all equipped and furnished like a MasterChef type of environment where kids can make anything from bubble tea to strawberry milkshakes. However, it’s all delivered in Vietnamese, which will be hard for non-Vietnamese kids to really feel engaged in.


2. It’s not cheap! Although adults go free, non-member kids pay 100,000 VND at weekends. This wouldn’t be too much of an issue if all the activities on site were included in the fee. However activities such as like fishing, clay painting and electric rides (which coincidentally my children love) will be an additional charge!


3. Late opening hours. My kids are early risers, getting up at around 6am everyday. Even on the weekends! So by 8am we are usually ready to “hit the road” and were disappointed to discover Tiniworld didn’t open until 10am!

4. Small and not-so-clean toilets. For a place that can accommodate hundreds of children and their parents, ensuring the toilets are spacious and clean should be a priority. However, on going into the said toilets, I realised that the size reflected that of their brand name ‘Tini’/tiny!! I also hate toilets with wet floors and this one was no exception! This can easily be fixed with regular cleaning and better supervision-which as a parent is not too much to ask!


5. Maintenance of toys and equipment. On our second visit, which was one week after the opening, we noticed that pieces of toys in the toddlers’ role-play area had gone missing. My daughter was being a doctor without a stethoscope and a chef without all her pots and pans! Come on Tiniworld, have a better review and maintenance of the very thing that the kids come for!

Source : thaodienvn

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