Thao Dien Pharmacy

What will you find in abundance in Thao Dien? … Pharmacies!

After a few weeks of renovation and refurbishment, I was slightly surprised that yet another pharmacy had opened up in the neighbourhood! “There must be something different about this one” I thought to myself and decided to pay it a visit, to find out if there was any special reason for this one to occupy such a central location in Thao Dien, on the corner of Tran Ngoc Dien and Thao Dien road.

The first major difference between this new addition to the pharmaceutical community, Pharmacity, and the other local pharmacies is size. The light, air-conditioned and spacious shop would definitely make the task of medicine shopping quite pleasant!


I had developed itchy red water-filled spots in a couple of areas on my hand, which were so unbearably uncomfortable that I was desperate to get some relievers. The pharmacist recommended Gentrisone, only 14,000 VND. She explained how the drug works so I applied it straight away and, like a miracle, the spots disappeared and the itchiness disappeared.

Being mosquito season, I also grabbed some Sofell mosquito repellent cream, which were only 24,000 VND. Cheaper than another local pharmacy on Quoc Huong St.

All in all, my first visit to this newly opened pharmacy was a thumbs-up.

Welcome to Thao Dien, Pharmacity!

Source: Thaodienvn

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