Styling for sale doesn’t need to look staged

When you’re styling a home for sale the look needs to be accessible, but that doesn’t mean bland or contrived.

Sisters-in-law Megan and Paula Mewing style homes for sale for their Brisbane-based business Brushed Interiors, and they use second-hand decor to create homes that look beautiful, approachable, liveable and fresh.

Brushed Interiors

Secondhand wares can add lived-in charm to a space.

The good friends have always shared an obsession with sourcing one-off finds from the side of the road or second-hand stores online marketplace Gumtree.

When the pair started their styling business they saw an opportunity to harness their love of second-hand shopping to help people sell their homes.

“We just go room by room and help them and actually physically move things,” Paula says.

“Just to see them (sellers) notice a difference…that if you declutter and add fresh pieces in, it’s amazing what the space can do and become.”

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Brushed Interiors

Decluttering is an important step in the styling process.

Does your home require a fresh look before it hits the market?

Get the top tips from Brushed Interiors on using one-off pieces to style a home.

1. Declutter first – If you fail to declutter before decorating, then your beautiful second-hand pieces will just get lost in the rubble. Give new pieces a fresh, clean backdrop so they stand out.

2. Jump online – The best second-hand finds are not always found in antique and thrift shops during retail hours. You might come across a gem online at 11pm at night – all you need to do is look.

3. Highlight hero pieces – Now it the time to start decorating. Use second-hand items sparingly to give them a chance to really shine.

Source: realestatecomau

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