Is this really the worst new building in the UK?

While architects appreciate awards that recognise their great designs, few professionals enjoy winning the Carbuncle Cup which seeks to name the ugliest new building in the UK.

This year’s winner of the Building Design magazine award is a 31-storey residential tower in London called the Lincoln Plaza that was designed by BUJ Architects for Galliard Homes.

Other projects shortlisted for this year’s award included a lattice-like structure built for a university and a London apartment block described  as “an open invitation to commit suicide”.

View the shortlist in the gallery below. Which one do you think deserved the gong?


The crowning monstrosity

Now almost sold out, the Lincoln Plaza complex includes two apartment towers, a 100-suite hotel, a pool, a private cinema and a rooftop terrace.

Canary Quarter development


The Lincoln Plaza apartments in London. Picture: Robert Lamb

Galliard Homes say the development has been “meticulously designed to create the perfect equilibrium of luxury, quality and style,” but the Building Design judges had a different take.

They described the tower as “the architectural embodiment of seasickness.” Ouch.

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