The new age of Trump hits close to home

Instead of my usual New Year’s enthusiasm for the year ahead, I’ve spent the beginning of 2017 feeling a bit flustered and just not quite… ‘together’.

I think I’m feeling unsettled by world events on a kind of everyday, under-the-skin level, thanks to a certain newly-installed US President.

It seems ‘Trumpism’ is proving pretty anxiety-inducing for vast swathes of people around the world, too. It’s increasingly hard not to feel a little nauseous when the latest policy disaster or scandal comes over the telly as your child plays happily in front of you; or to ignore the dark newspaper headlines as you flip pancakes and pour coffee on a sunny Sunday morning.

Yet there’s work to be done, washing to be folded, gentle family rhythms to maintain. How do we balance the macro and the micro worlds, when they seem more wildly out of sync than ever before?


“Home (for the lucky) is our safe space,” says Wallman. Picture: Nikki Wallman

Maybe it starts at home. Home (for the lucky) is our safe space, where we can spend time with our loved ones and escape the literal or figurative storms swirling outside.

It’s where we feel our most comfortable; where we recharge before heading out into the world. So maybe, with all this global uncertainty, we’ll seek out more ways to restore confidence and joy at home in 2017.

Some of us may decide to renovate; or to simply stamp our personal signature more firmly and make our home more truly reflect what we believe in and love.


Maybe a little redecorating will help help restore joy at home. Picture: Getty

I’ve been busily printing and framing beautiful photos that have been hiding in the digital depths of my phone for years. More and more beautiful memories with friends and family are being added to our walls, grounding me and raising a smile as I rush about my usual business or risk sliding into a state of worry after watching the news.

Some of us might hit ‘refresh’ and go on a redecorating spree. I’ve started small, painting over the sad, sallow, custard-coloured cabinetry in our bathroom with clean white paint and marvelling at how such a small change can lift my mood.

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