Kokois adds a little funk to Thao Dien, acting as a bistro and retailer. Having used an old warehouse as the foundation for their interior, they have stylishly incorporated a glass indoor conservatory coupled with hanging pot plants and lanterns. Run by French owners, there is a great sense of chic in the air. I have been to Kokois on occasions where drinks are my priority and on others where food is.


In regards to their drinks, for me personally I have found they can sometimes fall slightly flat in this department. This is especially true of their gin and tonics, in which the tonic could not have been more flat. So whilst I had some alarm bells ringing telling me to simply leave to avoid further disappointment, I decided to stay.


And I really am glad that I did. When the medium rare tuna steak burger I’d ordered arrived in front of me, it was everything I hoped it would be. The meat had been done to perfection and the chips had just the right amount of crispiness, without going overboard. Extra touches such as their wasabi crème complimented the fish beautifully. I was happy. Suddenly Kokois was back in the running.


As well as that, the staff were all exceptionally friendly and helpful, which I think is at the backbone of a good restaurant. You can have both good food and drink, but if the staff don’t offer you the best of themselves then they’ll always fall short. Kokois is still relatively new to the area but I think it has a lot more to give to Thao Dien and I’m excited at uncovering just what this will be.

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