I have now lived in Thao Dien for 6 months and cannot tell you how many times I have driven past Hue Corner. Countless. Originally, I had snobbily turned my nose up at it. Afterall, I had more than my fair share of restaurants to choose from, why would I want to go somewhere that looked- in all honesty- pretty average?


Well curiosity finally got the better of me. I was rather suspicious of all the people I saw in there, be it expats or locals. The tables they sat on were laden with dishes I could never quite see and drinks that were steadily becoming empty as they devoured what was in front of them. You could even say I was outright jealous (I get like that when I suspect good food is in the mix). So last week, I made my venture inside and occupied a table.


The staff were all locals and extremely friendly. I clearly had “NEWBIE” stamped across my forehead and was obviously no regular. Ushered to a table, I was given a rather dilapidated menu.. I had even gone as far as trying to find them on Trip Advisor, so desperate was I to get an inkling of what I was in for. They had one review in which they stated ‘the restaurant made authentic Vietnamese food’. That was it.


So I placed my order. Fresh prawn spring rolls, and a Vietnamese shredded mussel and vegetable number with some seeded pancakes. After a few minutes wait, it arrived. Presentation was not their strong point, however the execution of the flavours in the meal itself was. I was elated and I’m pretty sure the staff were as well.  They recognized the immense satisfaction in front of them and secured themselves another loyal customer.

Since going last week, I have been a further two times. Each time I have ordered something different and each time I have not been disappointed. I have bared witness to all sorts of customers; expat mothers, teachers and the local dustbin man. Predominantly what they have in common is the food itself. Even better, is that their extensive menu won’t break the bank and it won’t be long before you start to class yourself as a regular. For those who haven’t scouted it out yet, please do. You won’t regret it.

Source: thaodienvn

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