A new development in Melbourne’s south-west will feature Australia’s first indoor water park for residents only, complete with a waterslide and splash zone for children.

The multi-million dollar private water park has just been approved by Wyndham City Council and will be built by developer Lotus Living as part of the Jubilee estate in Wyndham Vale.

The park will only be accessible to the estate’s residents and it also includes leisure and lap pools.


Family first for Wyndham Vale development

Daniel Smith, Project Director of Jubilee for Lotus Living, says the water park is the first in a series of multi-purpose recreation facilities planned for Jubilee.

The development will house 20,000 people in 7,000 houses built over 15 years.

Smith says the water park will differ from leisure facilities in other planned communities in that it will be a residents-only facility that caters specifically to families with young children.

“The genesis of the idea came from wanting to do something a bit better than what’s been done before. Other developments have had leisure clubs and gyms and so forth, but we want to be a family-focused and kid-focused facility,” Smith says.

“We thought that having a water park, slides and splash zone encapsulated that element.”


An artist’s impression of the water park.

The water park is located in Mill Quarter, which will also be home to a cafe, bar, supermarket, specialty shops and a childcare centre.

The Jubilee development’s 480-hectare site will also include 8,000sqm of retail space, 77 hectares of parklands and 32.5 hectares of commercial space.

“What you’re seeing is the first piece of that larger puzzle of doing something a bit better for the residents of Wyndham Vale,” Smith says.

Wyndham Vale is 39km from Melbourne’s CBD and currently has a median house price of $365,000.

Houses in Jubilee’s Mill Quarter precinct are now on sale with completion expected in the next two to three years. Land prices start from $110,000 and house and land packages start from $309,000.

Source: wwwrealestatecomau

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