They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest, no one ever bothers to inspect a home with a sorry-looking house facade. 

The exterior design of a home is so important in revealing to the buyer, or nosy onlooker, what kind of property lies beyond its front doors.

From modern house facades to classic house facades, we’ve chosen our favourite home exterior designs from properties for sale around Australia to get those facade ideas flowing.

10 house facade photos to inspire you

1. Go large with lavender

Looking for a simple landscaping solution to transform your house exterior? Try lavender.

This hardy-growing perennial will pump out beautiful lilac-coloured blooms year after year, keeping your entryway delightfully awash with their sweet perfume.

Facade ideas from 2 Crestmont Court Toorak Vic 3142

Facade colour ideas: A sea of purple welcomes visitors at 2 Crestmont Court, Toorak. Picture:

2. Add awning to match

An estate of grand proportions, such as the 1935 Tudor-style manor Bonnington, calls for traditional details in a facade.

Striped awning, to match the timber framing of the roof structure, is perfectly in tune with the classic style of this commanding facade design.

Classic external house colours in Bellevue Hill home

A classic facade design for this stately home at 8 Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill. Picture:

3. Don’t be afraid of colour

There’s much to love about this Alex Popov masterpiece, but the impressive facade is surely up there.

Ignoring the striking cement sculpture flanking the garden path for a sec, Popov has also been bold in his use of colour, inserting an orange front door behind a slatted Corten steel and glass screen.

Exterior paint ideas at Northbridge home

51 Coolawin Road, Northbridge has an inspiring exterior colour scheme. Picture:

4. Go the grey

It feels like everyone’s doing it – even Buddy and Jasinta Franklin – but there’s a reason painting your house dark grey has risen in favour.

Grey has become the modern exterior colour scheme for houses du jour, especially those with period features. It complements white and garden greenery, is natural toned, and lets period features do the talking without screaming ‘look at moi!’ in the manner of dated tri-colour schemes.

Hawthorn home with grey outside house colour

Stuck for facade colour ideas? Grey works wonders at 42 Kinkora Road, Hawthorn. Picture:

5. Get low, get low

Live on a sloping block and wonder how you can still say ‘wow’ with your home exterior design?

Embrace the mystery of the partially hidden home with clean lines and nondescript colours. Focus on the overall impact of the design and passers-by will be intrigued by the sneak preview they do get of your split-level home.

Balmain home with contemporary home design

Maintain a sense of mystery by keeping facade design low-key like at 5b Tilba Avenue, Balmain. Picture:

6. Learn to love a bold front door

Want to make a name for your home in a sea of bland coloured bricks and weatherboard?

Choose a traditional timber door and get yourself a tub of paint in your favourite primary colour – be it bright blue, fire engine red or lipstick pink. There’s nothing more enticing than a bold front door.

Fitzroy townhouse with bold external house colours

A very London-looking facade at 259 Fitzroy Street, Fitzroy. Picture:

7.  Try tall, dark & handsome

Ever fallen for a tall, dark and handsome… house?

Yup, same here. Like this one in Alphington, north east of Melbourne, with its dark and stormy zinc cladding and tall, broad picture windows. Swoon.

Alphington home with modern house facade

As far as exterior colour schemes go, all-black works wonders at 30 Shiers Street, Alphington. Picture:

8. Lead them up the garden path

If you’ve got the land size, setting your home back from the street behind a long and winding path can be just the thing to build intrigue and anticipation around it.

A beautifully paved path can be done yourself with a weekend’s work – the efforts being well worth it.

Unley Park facade design

Build anticipation with a garden path, like at 19 Victoria Avenue, Unley Park. Picture:

9. Replace a rickety roof

It sounds simple, but replacing a rickety old roof is one of the surest ways to elevate a home facade.

Added bonus – a solid roof does wonders for your home’s structural integrity!

Mosman home exterior

The house facade renovation at 96 Prince Albert Street, Mosman gives the exterior a fresh, modern look. Picture:

10. Plant a grand old tree

You don’t want to shroud the view of your outer house design altogether, but planting a grand old dame of a tree in your front yard can really add a sense of prestige. Advanced trees can cost a fortune, so buy plantings if you have the patience to watch them grow.

Big oaks and maples are regulars in the gardens and front pathways of generous estates, like this sandstone beauty in Burnside, SA.

Burnside, SA - exterior house design ideas