Gieng Ngu – Magic Well in Phu Quoc

The Gieng Ngu (King’s Well) is a historic and mysterious attraction that should not be missed on Phu Quoc, Vietnam’s largest island.

The well is also known as Gieng Tien (Fairy Well) and is a historicsite located in An Thoi Town close to Khem Beach. This is one of the most mysterious tourist attractions in Phu Quoc Island. 

The legend of the magic well is that when Prince Nguyen Anh (later known as Emperor Gia Long) and his troops were hiding on Phu Quoc Island from the Tay Son rebels, they were very thirsty and in need of drinking water. 

He then stomped his foot, pointed his sword to the ground, and the water magically erupted. This is also referred to as the “Magic Well” and apparently you can see the Prince’s shoe imprinted on the stone here.

The breathtaking landscapes of the lake, the mountain and the green background draw a beautiful picture that will satisfy the most difficult tourists. 

Beautiful landscapes of a lake with mountainous and green backgrounds here on the island satisfy visitors. On the mountain, there lies a small temple and a pink stone armchair, also known as the King’s armchair. As you approach the Magic Well, you will see a stele marked “The King’s Sword” to show the point where the water came out after the sword reached the ground.

The Well is often included in the tour visiting the Southern Island of Phu Quoc. You can either book a package tour or get to the Magic Well on your own by renting a motorbike.

Source Vietnamnet

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