Family Garden

Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about Thao Dien, a new place pops up! That’s how fast Thao Dien grows and changes.

Whilst this is very much a new addition to the zone, the Family Garden takes you slightly back in time, where pleasures could be found in simple things, like gardening, feeding ducks or fishing. The Family Garden offers a few acres of greenery and nature, where organically grown vegetables and herbs can be seen, some sown the Garden itself and some by families who have purchased a small plot to plant and grow their own vegetation. (If you’re a Brit like me, you will be familiar with ‘allotments’. Well this is a similar concept, except they have made the Garden a place of interest .)

There were lots of aubergines, Vietnamese courgettes, runner beans and leafy vegetables like morning glory to be seen in the Garden. Ducks, which the children always love to see, are on site, waiting to be fed. A small pond offers those new to fishing a welcoming and unthreatening place to try out a new hobby. There are guided tours as well at the weekends for groups of children to learn about the habitat with a member of staff at the garden. It is completely free. The only charge you would have to pay is for parking (20,000 VND) and food/ drinks.

I particularly like the outdoor playground with wooden swings and climbing frames for the children. There is an earthy feel to this place.






Another unique feature is you can pick your own vegetables and cook it (not by yourself but you would hand it to the kitchen staff and let them know how you want it made). With many things produced for the mass market and pesticides used in the vast quantities of the vegetables that we eat, places like the Family Garden is growing in popularity as people seek to better and healthier alternatives for alimentary needs.

Source: thaodienvn

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