Criteria to be considered when purchasing low-cost house

Recently, low-cost house market is booming. Therefore, people those are seeking for a low-cost house should carefully consider specific and reasonable criteria before deciding to buy one.

When customers want to buy low-cost house, it means that they have put financial criterion into first priority. For low-to-medium-income earners, segment of houses with price of below 1 billion VND would be the optimal choice. However, many of them often have a mistake that is cheap price are the most important criterion. They seldom think of quality of the house and its role with their family. It is not only a shelter, but also a home of a generation or more. Therefore, buying a low-cost house doesn’t mean that customers don’t need to set out the requirements for long-term living facilities. And it is a truly big problem. In order to prevent risks, you should make a list of specific criterias before signing a contract to buy the house.

Location and Construction Density

When purchasing an apartment, the first criterion for selection is the location of project. Where is it located? Is it far from the center or not? How is the construction density? You should not be attracted by low price and choose an apartment that is so far away from the center and then you will face traffic inconvenience.

Currently, affordable house market in Ho Chi Minh City has plenty of projects to meet the requirements for homebuyers. Some projects in districts of Binh Chanh, Binh Tan, Thu Duc, Dist 12 … are only 15-20 km away from the centre of Dist 1.


There are more and more affordable house projects in Ho Chi Minh City

Besides, homebuyers should also concern about construction density of project. Is it located separately or in a new residential zoning? There is no doubt that nobody wants their house to be located in a place like oasis.

Public Utilities

Adcording to Mr Thai Hien Nguyen, appraisers for property prices, Vietnamese has an old saying that “A rolling stone gathers no moss”. Therefore, choosing a house with all amenities, in accordance with living conditions and work is very important.

Buyers need to pay attention to the services for daily life such as school, hospital, supermarket, park, water system, comfortable environment, good security, …

Real estate projects in surrounding areas of Ho Chi Minh City has an advantage of being quiet and green, very suitable for children to play and people to excercise.

Quality and Beauty of Work

Many people are confused with this criteria when choosing a low-cost apartment. All of them have a common concern that is whether quality of the work has to be proportional to the price or not. Therefore, buyers need to find out and listen carefully to advisory of work quality from investors or those who are knowledgeable in field of construction.

How are the functional areas such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet, balcony, windows, … designed? Their quality? Is furniture suitable for your hobbies?  In addition, natural light is also a factor to be noted. An apartment that is full of light will be better for health andpsychology of all family members.

Legal Factors  and Reputation of Contractors

Buyers should choose the project of reputable investors those have capacity and experience in field of real estate. Before spending large sums of money to buy an apartment, you should carefully consider construction permission, paperworks of the project as well as work progress.Low-cost house projects are often located separately and far away from the center, not really in sync on infrastructure and utility. Therefore, buyers need to screen these criteria in order to choose a truly suitable home for life of their family.

(Source: Gia Dinh & Xa Hoi Online)

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