9 Fengshui tips for selling house faster

Selling a house is never easy. Here are some fengshui tips which can support you to sell house quickly.


Real estate market always contains a lot of challenges. Selling house is never easy, meanwhile, homeowners always want to sell their property as quickly as possible. Here are 9 tips feng shui to help you sell house faster and easier:

1. Hitting senses of buyer

When you find out your potential buyers, you have to try every possible way to entice them. In order to make them more interested with your house, try using the ideas of hitting the senses of buyers as follows:

– Shaping viewpoint: Furniture should be arranged horizontally. Remove all sharp peaks of cabinets and shelves. These make rooms look larger and help buyers focus on areas that have lucky fengshui.

– Creating comfortable feelings: Make sure that you can easily and comfortably move along all hallways and rooms in your house. Don’t hang any mirror opposite the doors. You should keep something moving frequently, such as ceiling fans.

– Good Sounds: Put a fountain at the frontside or open music regularly, especially in northwest corner of the house.

– Good Scents: According to fengshui, natural odors of land factor are capable to get a huge attraction of many people. For example, aromas of cinnamon and pine will take stronger effect on senses of human than flowers or vanilla can.

2. The price depends on first impressions

Main door is the most important area of the house in feng shui. Therefore, you need to make it perfect. It needs at least lightbubs with clear and pleasant light, a new doormat and decorations that are symmetrical on either side, such as a couple of lush and healthy plants.

3. Willing to leave

To show your friendliness, just buy a small gift such as a new doormat or chocolate for the new owner of the house. (Chocolate is a great feng shui). In addition, be willing to leave right after completing the transaction to make owner comfortable with the ideal of owning the house.

4. Choosing right location for “For Sale” the board

You should hang or set the board “For Sale” at the right of main door. When you look at it from outside, this position will contain positive energy and creat a strong impact.

5. Creating a reception desk

Place a table on the right side of hallway or the first place when you come through the door, then decorate it with namecards (if any), books, a bowl full of candies, a vase of flowers. Red tablecloths are recommended.

6. Activating energy of support area in the house

Northwest corner is considered to be “supporter” of the house. This position is very important for home sale profits and can be activated by music.

7. Focusing on kitchen

In feng shui, kitchen is the area of wealth and health. Therefore, keep kitchen surfaces clean and airy. The cupboards need to be tidy. Put wastebaskets in hidden corners. In addion, you should put a small and lush plant pot and a bowl full of food, such as bread, candy … on kitchen table.

8. Planting more trees

Make sure that the trees don’t touch house (they will pull positive energy out of the house) and they always have lots of leaves (leafless trees make the house look withered and exhausted). Cut down all the dead ones. You can also plant more trees inside or around the house. 

9. Closing the bathroom doors

Buyers should never see the toilet when they enter the house or any room. The lid and the bathroom doors should be closed after using.

(Source: eva.vn)

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