9 design elements professionals want in a bathroom

Next to kitchen upgrades, bathroom renovations remain popular with home owners as this vital area needs to be both practical and stylish.

Balancing the needs of the household with a design that looks great yet will last isn’t easy.

1. Subway tiles set in a herringbone pattern

Subway tiles are a staple in most home renos these days, but these particular ones are a step above for a few reasons.


Using subway tiles to form a herringbone pattern really lifts the look of this bathroom.

The larger size (300mm x 75mm)  makes more of an impact, plus the herringbone pattern and the dark grey grout used together here ensures the pattern really pops.

2. Multiple pieces designed to look alike

The faux-marble tiles and countertop blend perfectly to give the illusion they have been formed from the same piece of stone.

Plus the wall-hung vanity makes it look there’s more space in and around the basin.


Here the vanity and basin materials blend well.

3. Layout & space

It’s pretty rare to be able to put the taps and toilet exactly where you want in a bathroom, – but in this one there was enough space to create the ideal bathroom layout.

The statement bath is the first thing you see when you enter the room, centred perfectly under a bright window and the vanity sits next to it.


A large statement bath needs to be placed in a large room otherwise, it can make the room look smaller.

When designing a layout, it’s important to understand how much space things like a statement bath or a certain kind of sink or shower need to look impressive. 

Together these design details are a sight to behold. The toilet is where it should be, tucked away and the shower cubicle has added privacy as it can’t be seen when you walk through the door.

4. A feature piece

You can’t put a black bath in just any bathroom.

But when there is a larger space plus lots of natural light, a black bath like this looks impressive.


A black bath won’t suit every bathroom.

Just remember to tone down other design details so that it’s clear which feature is the hero piece.

5. A skylight

Natural light is great in any bathroom.


The skylight adds vital natural light to this bathroom.

The skylight over the black bath floods the room with light and ensures the statement bath is always is in the spotlight.

6. An entrée-size bath

While the main bathroom has a big black bath, the ensuite in this home has a tiny tub.

Small baths can be hard to find, but are often perfectly suited to a compact ensuite.

This freestanding bath is still big enough for two people, yet it can be pushed right up against the wall.


Testing that the bath fits two people.

7. The right cornice

While not normally a detail associated with a bathroom, the right cornice can make a huge difference to the look and feel of the room.

This cornice is perfect in this bathroom.

This decorative cornice reflects the period style of the home and –a standard cove cornice just wouldn’t work.

8. A wall of tiles

In this house, the ceilings are 2.7 metres high compared to the standard 2.4 metres.

If you can afford to tile all the way to the ceiling do so as it creates a strong visual impact.


Tiled walls look great and make quite an impression.

But choose tiles wisely. If you want to be adventurous with a tile choice, perhaps stick to just one wall and make it a feature.

9. A privacy screen

What’s not to love about this half-wall? Not only does it provide the perfect backdrop for the bath but it also offers more privacy than floor-to-ceiling glass.


When the reno is complete, this privacy screen will be a great addition to this room.

It is also the ideal shelf to hold a book, magazine or even a cheeky glass of wine.

These bathrooms are currently being completed and the finished and styled rooms will be revealed in the next few weeks.

Source: realestatecomau

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