6 steps for selling house quickly

Need to sell a house but do not know how to sell it quickly? Here are some suggestions to help you sell property faster.

According to an real estate expert, buyers decide whether they should buy a house or not in first 8 minutes. Therefore, try to put yourself in situation of buyers, you will know what to do to add value to the house in eyes of buyers.

1. Considering the price

Right price is the most important factor to sell a house. You should know prices of houses that are similar to yours before valuation. To do that, you can surf websites for property purchasing. Look for houses with the same characteristics (size, quantity of bedrooms, location ..) to yours and then determine right price for it.


You can determine right valua of your house by considering prices of others

2. Asking for advice from experts

Professional assessments and opinions from knowledgeable real estate experts are never redundant. It would be better if you invite about 3 real estate brokers to visit and evaluate your house. Ask them: “In your opinion, how much does this house cost? Can it be sold out within 30 days?”. That’s an intelligent way to get the exact price based on situation of property market from the brokers. In fact, responsible professional agents often do not inflat the real value of property.

3. Creating bright space for your house

Buyers will be impressed when entering a house with clear and spacious space. Before buyers see the house, you should remove unnecessary curtains, repaint the walls with bright colors, clean windows, trim trees, install new light bulbs, etc. Doing these makes your house brighter and of course, it will be more valuable in the eyes of customers.


Buyers will be impressed when entering a house with clear and spacious space

4. Noting all details

Spend time to make every detail in your house bright and tidy because buyers can be easily impressed with small things. Remove unpleasant stinks from old clothes, drugs or animals in your house . Open windows in all the rooms for at least 8 hours before the visit of buyers. For the bathroom, you should also replace toilet and put some new towels.

Kitchen plays an important role in the house but it often receives inadequate attention. You’d better rearrange and clean furniture in your kitchen to impress buyers.

file.493950Arrangement of small details are also important

5. Posting ad on online channels

Currently, there are many websites for real estate transactions. Do not miss these to quickly and smoothly reach homebuyers. To make an impression, your ad needs 5-6 clear images of inside and surrouding space of the house. Do not let buyers ignore your house just because of its lack of realistic images or unprofessional content.


For quick transaction, online marketing is an indispensable tool

6. Choose a house broker

Finally, you should find a professional real estate broker because they have true market evaluation and negotiation skills to quickly perform transactions. Therefore, look for an experienced broker who has many successful transactions. After asking for thier advice, just set your reasonable price.

Portrait of modern couple listening to manager explanation about conditions of mortgage

A broker with professional skills and experience can support you a lot.

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