5 flower arrangements for your coffee table

Blooms. Oh how we love them. 

No matter the shape, size, colour or scent, they add such a whimsical touch to any home interior.

The great thing about flower arrangements is they can freshen up your space in a flash and at little cost. 

Place them in a pretty vase on your coffee table as the centrepiece, and for the next week or so you can marvel at their beauty.


Update your coffee table with a beautiful new vase. Picture: Erinna Giblin

“Instead of buying a new coffee table to update your living area, invest in a new vase to revamp the space,” suggests Susi Matovski from This Day Flowers. 

Matovski invited us along to her floristry studio in Northcote, Melbourne, to learn which five flower arrangements are the best to complement your coffee table.

1. English garden posies

This style of flower arrangement is all about the wild, natural, rustic look.

It works with flowers like dahlias, garden roses, cosmos, hyacinth, veronica, David Austin roses and scabiosa, which come in light pink, deep purple, burgundy and white varieties.


Love the wild look? Try these English garden posies. Picture: Erinna Giblin

“You can go into your garden and pick something to make this arrangement a bit more wild,” says Matovski. 

“When you pick foliage from your garden it always has a bit of a different shape than at the grower’s market.”

Given posies have short stems, Matovski recommends featuring them in a small vase or using household items like cups, cute bowls and jars as your vessel.

2. Hydrangeas – single variety flower

A quick stop by Pinterest will reveal hydrangeas are one of the most popular coffee table flower arrangements.

It’s no wonder why – they’re beautiful and easy to work with.

That is if you look after them. “Hydrangeas will dry and droop if you don’t cut the stems – so cut them every couple of days,” says Matovski. “You also have to top up the water regularly as they drink quite a lot.”


Hydrangeas are one of the most popular coffee table flower arrangements. Picture: Erinna Giblin

When arranging this bunch, Matovski recommends making sure that the heads of the flowers sit at the top of the vase. “This will make it look nice and round – and a simple vase works best,” she says.

3. Ceramic vessels with white blooms

Consider yourself a little indecisive? This style of flower arrangement will work well as you can choose one colour that will suit your lounge room.


These white blooms work beautifully in handmade ceramic vessels. Picture: Erinna Giblin

“This is an inexpensive option as you only have to buy one or two bunches maximum,” says Matovski. “It’s quite modern looking, too.”

Try three blooms like: water lilies, white dahlias and garden roses.

“For your vessel, source lovely ceramic wares in special home stores and place a single stem in them.”


This contemporary arrangement has lots of wow-factor. Picture: Erinna Giblin

4. Contemporary arrangement

For a statement bunch that will make your friends ooh and ahh when they drop by, step outside your comfort zone and choose flower combinations and colours you might not normally opt for.

“Be adventurous – deep burgundy or maroon matched with light pink colour combinations are very on trend in the flower world right now,” says Matovski.

For this arrangement try using burgundy dahlias, water lilies, roses and copper beach foliage.


Burgundy dahlias pair well with white blooms like lilies. Picture: Erinna Giblin

“Cluster the flowers together, so the roses are to one side and foliage to another.”

“Place the foliage in the vase first and the dahlias to the front – and hang them over the edge a bit.

“Scatter the stand-out flowers and water lilies around, filling in the spots so you can get the shape that you want.”


Keep it real with long-lasting native flowers. Picture: Erinna Giblin

5. Native flowers

Native flowers – think eucalyptus gum, banksia baxter and banksia attenuata – are regularly in season throughout the year, and they can last for a few weeks.

Better yet, when dry they still look really beautiful.

Matovski says this is the ultimate hassle-free flower arrangement.

“It’s really simple to do because the gum is so lovely on its own,” she says. “It’s easy to fill up the vessel and you don’t need too many flowers.”

Matovski suggests starting with the eucalyptus gum and filling the vase out to the shape that you’d like. “Use an earthware vessel or an on-trend terracotta pot for this arrangement.”

Susi’s 3 fave vase styles

1. Simple glass vase: You can put any type of flower in this and they look beautiful. Buy one that’s about 15cm high so it’s not a huge vase to fill. Try this Henning Small Vase from Country Road.

2. Hand-made vase: I love supporting local artists – some of my favourite vases are made by local Melburnian Hana Vasak through @dasaceramics.

3. Gold or terracotta vase: Updating your space with metals and terracotta is a huge trend this year. Try this Kikki.K vessel or Zakkia terracotta loop vase.

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