4 unique touches for a Baulkham Hills kitchen

Renovating a kitchen takes time and the latest Three Birds renovation in Baulkham Hills has taken nearly nine weeks.

The kitchen design discussions began on day one and the transformation of that room was completed on the final day of the renovation.

Here’s a sneak peek at four key design choices that made a big difference with this kitchen renovation.

1. Green & gold

kitchen reno

The green and gold combination looks great.

While some would regard a green kitchen as a risky proposition from a design perspective, the soft green tones of this kitchen offer an impressive finished look.

The muted sage colour makes the whole room feel relaxing and warm and works beautifully with the custom-made gold handles.

2. Is it an island bench or piece of furniture?

kitchen reno

The unique piece of furniture.

This island bench was designed to look more like a piece of furniture than a traditional kitchen bench. 

It has thick legs and lots of space underneath it to make it look less like a kitchen fitting.

3. Gold & silver together

Everyone knows the traditional rule of thumb that you match your metallics, such as teaming silver taps with silver handles.

At this house, this trend has been well and truly bucked by combining gold handles and pendant lights with a silver kitchen tap.

kitchen reno

Gold and silver together.

The white and silver gooseneck tap was a winner, and the mix of metallics allowed for the choice of a matching white oven.

The gold handles and pendants also work beautifully with the soft green cabinetry.

4. Caesarstone splashback & shelf

Special care was taken when deciding how best to utilise the Caesarstone in this kitchen and, in the end, a few key choices made all the difference.


The stone shelf.

Rather than the standard 20mm to 40mm thickness for the bench, it was decided to opt for 60mm to add extra bulk to the benchtops.

Additional Caesarstone was run up the splashback to create a floating shelf and a seamless finish.

Source: realestatecomau

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