24h convenience store Systems

Recently, the emergence of 24h convenience store chains around the City is no stranger to the people , it is the trend for consumers to have more choice of goods and services. They can buy fast food products or household appliances with certified food safety instead of buying at the market of unknown origin and the grocery store, they have not to go far or  search  hardly in the supermarket. Convenience Stores like a miniature supermarket helps consumers solve the shopping needs of everyday life with the price is not much different than the external market. In residential areas Thao Dien District 2, the most famous brands in the retail sector as Family Mart, Bsmart, Circle K, Zakkar mart , they open convenience stores to compete on customer segment senior  and foreigner. These shops are located near each other, Its competitive prices to bring the best services to the surrounding population. With me , a resident in areas Thao Dien , I am satisfied about the quality and service it provides. Here are some pictures of the convenience stores in the area Thao Dien, District 2

NVH_5715-2 Famiily martNVH_5717-2


Circle KNVH_5722-2

Family martNVH_5752-2

Zarka mart

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